A Boozy Book About Booze

This Booze Book packs a lot of information into a quick and enjoyable read.

Get To Know Booze

The book gives you a crash course on scotch, bourbon, Irish and Canadian whiskey, rum and tequila. It also tells you how they are made and why they are all so different.

Every Drink Has A Tale

Every great cocktail has a great story behind it. Getting Shitfaced looks at some of the classics and some originals and tells you their origin stories with a humorous approach.

Make Your Own Drinks

We couldn’t make a book about booze without giving you some recipes to try at home. This book includes a dozen classics and a dozen original cocktails, all tried and tested at The Soaring Pig.

Reader Reviews Of This Book

Here's what some readers had to say about Getting Shitfaced

Narnia for Alcoholics

“Enjoying some holiday reading and a @kingpalm filled with #chemberryd by @darkhorsegenetics at #HollardayInn An excellent book by @the_soaring_pig indeed. Love it.”


Dustan McLean – Alberta

The Booze Is Strong In This One

Getting Shitfaced contains some of my favorite drinks for allowing the spirit of the force to flow through me or any guests I might be entertaining. The whiskey sour absolutely suits my disposition, but I really enjoy a Beam Me Up Scotty from time to time!

Darth Jump – Oregon

A Look In The Book

Here is a video of one of the original cocktails from the book

The Dirty Limerick

The Dirty Limerick is a cocktail created for a poet friend using apple cider made from his apple tree, Jim Beam Kentucky Straight Bourbon and some ginger ale.

Let Us Pour You A Sample

Below you can read the introduction and a sample cocktail from Getting Shitfaced & Living To Write About It


Why do so many famous writers drink? I have no idea. This book is not about famous writers and their drinking habits; it is about an unfamous writer and his drinking habits.

Back in the 1970s and 1980s, while my friends were drinking cheap canned beer, I was enjoying whiskey sours and old fashioned cocktails. That love of the classic cocktail has never gone away.

For the past three years, I’ve enjoyed having The Soaring Pig, a home bar reminiscent of the little English pubs that I frequented in my youth.

It has taken on a life of its own. It has been an enjoyable hobby that is perhaps really a midlife crisis. But if it is a midlife crisis, it is the lesser of two evils because no one wants to see me wearing leather pants and driving around in an overpriced sports car.

Getting Shitfaced & Living to Write About It is a collection of what I’ve learned about alcohol as a home bartender over the years. It has recipes for the classics I love to serve as well as original cocktails I’ve created or modified. And there is a generous helping of booze and cocktail trivia.

I hope you enjoy the pages that follow.

The Soaring Pig Himself

Stephen Dafoe

Author’s Note: Throughout this book, I have used the words whisky, whiskey, whiskeys and whiskies. This is not in error. Different countries spell it differently. If speaking of scotch, it is whisky. If speaking of bourbon or Irish product, it is whiskey.

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