The Knights Templar Revealed

The true genesis of the Knights Templar belongs far back in time, long before Christianity even developed. The Templars were an offshoot of a little-understood monastic brotherhood, the Cistercians, who themselves danced to the tune of an extremely powerful group of individuals inhabiting Burgundy and Flanders from the time of the Romans onwards.

Butler and Dafoe offer a detailed account of the rise of a specific group identified as “the Troes Fraternity’ that did not simply respond to the caprices of history; they made it. Behind the Knights Templar lay a belief pattern almost as old as humanity and a heritage that was already ancient before recorded history began. The story is both fascinating and compulsive. It will leave the reader in no doubt as to the true intentions of the Knights Templar, or of the shadowy but immensely influential organization that brought them into being.

Status: This Book Is Currently Out Of Print. Originally published by Templar Book as The Templar Continuum and later by Constable and Robinson as The Knights Templar Revealed and Later as The Secret History of the Knights Templar, the book is available at varying prices on and eBay.