An Illustrated History of the Knights Hospitaller

This richly illustrated book recounts the entire history of the Knights Hospitaller, from their beginnings nine centuries ago to the present day. Founded during the medieval crusades—their full name is the Knights of the Order of St John of Jerusalem—to run hospices. They grew in power and royal favour, conquering territories, including the island of Malta, with which they have long been associated, and Rhodes, building formidable castles such as Krak de Chevaliers in the Middle East. For a while they led the fight against the Barbary pirates in the Mediterranean but the increasing power of European nations meant that their territory and powers were gradually taken away in the ensuing centuries but they still survive today. There is renewed interest in the crusades and associated military orders and in this book author Stephen Dafoe not only reveals the story of the knights but also their changing relationship with the world around them.

Status: This Book Is Currently Out Of Print. The Publisher Ian Allan Publishing will be making the book available once again in 2020. Details available on that soon.