Everything I Needed To Know About Freemasonry

There are many lessons of vast importance contained in the Entered Apprentice Degree of Freemasonry. These lessons are so important to the author of this book that he has been so bold as to title the book, Everything I needed to know about Freemasonry; I learned as an apprentice. Worshipful Brother Stephen Dafoe is not a Freemason who takes his craft lightly. He is often fond of saying, “We do not need more men in Masonry, but more Masonry in men.” Every page of this book reflects that expression. The book is one man’s reflection on the lessons learned in that first degree and is a thorough examination of the philosophy taught with each step, pace and gesture. In so doing, Dafoe has not created a dry account of the first degree, but rather a book that will inspire all Freemasons to get back to the basics.<


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