Busy times and new things

Twenty-three years ago I began researching the history, mystery, myth and legends of the Knights Templar. To share that research, I decided to start a website with a forum. That website, TemplarHistory.com was born on Sept. 21, 1997.

Over the years, the site was a leader on the subject. Of course, that was back in the early days of the Internet, four years before Wikipedia and seven years before Facebook. Not sure any of us could have envisioned Tik Tok back then.

The site led to my connecting with UK author Alan Butler and our writing two books: The Warriors and the Bankers and the Templar Continuum. Those books led to the publication of several others through Lewis Masonic, Cornerstone, Constable & Robinson and some other companies that translated the books.

The site also got my ugly mug on three television documentaries on the subject. A&E’s Sacred Societies, MSNBC’s In Search of Satan, and Vision TV’s The Prince and the Grail.

As I’ve been involved in running a community newspaper for the past 10 years, the site, once nearly my full-time gig, has laid dormant. The site was so old, we could not upgrade the backend to give it a facelift.

I’m happy to report that TemplarHistory.com is back online in a new magazine format like my company’s other publications. Out of the gate, there are 101 articles on Templar History, The Crusades, Templar Mysteries, Modern Templarism, as well as book reviews and interviews with Templar authors.

The logo for the site is Bob Prodor’s drawing of Hugh de Payens and Geoffrey de Saint-Omer from our comic book Outremer.

I hope you’ll visit TemplarHistory.com and share the link with others. I’m looking forward to providing new content on the site, including some video content.