A 230-year-old Masonic book

Esoteric Odyssey was first published by Thomas Marryat in 1790 under the title The Philosophy of Masons in Several Epistles from Egypt to a Nobleman and has been a lost treasure for two centuries.

I bought a copy of the book at an auction many years ago. I found it to be a truly unique book, a work of fiction that provides a fascinating glimpse at a transitional era between the revival of interest in alchemy that characterized the mid-1700s and the revolutionary beginnings of modern science at that century’s end.

Many of Marryat’s concepts are controversial, even by today’s standards; they were nearly heretical at the time of the book’s original publication.

Ten years ago, Randy Williams and I transcribed the book and published an annotated version of the long-forgotten work through Cornerstone Publishing.

The book is filled with offbeat humour and is rich with unique insights into the underground stream of knowledge, which informed that time.

Now out of print, I have a limited number of copies of Esoteric Odyssey that you can buy direct from me in the Stephen Dafoe Store.